NewGray Media

Film & Video Post Production Studio.


Browse and chat on any device, from anywhere, at anytime, without any hassle.

Modern Design

Flat and spacious design that's easy on the eyes and fits any screen.


For Chat and Browse our Site

For the freelance editing service, .NewGray


NewGray Media is full-featured, right out of the box. Providing you with a handful of plugins for everyday editing.

Collapsible Sticky Widgets

Widgets are stored in a side menu that's always at your finger tips. Giving you easier accessibility and a more spacious forum.

Quick Navigation

The navbar follows you as you scroll, so you never have to scroll back to the top of the page.

Dynamic Theme Changer

Change the theme on the fly with our theme selector, that allows your members to change the color of the forum to the one they prefer!

Dark Mode

Turn the lights off for some late night browsing, and make things easier on your eyes. Dark Mode gives your members the power to change the lightness of the forum!

Vote Counter

Like or Dislike posts without ever having to change the page. You can also see how many votes a post received!

Color Coded Posts

Posts are colored based on the usergroup a member belongs to, making it easier to know what group they're in.


NewGray Media provides you with both a dark and light theme, along with a plethora of colors to choose from, giving you the ability to truly personalize your videos.

Light and Dark

Choose from a professional light theme, or a sophisticated dark theme. Two designs to match any taste!

100+ Theme Colors

Choose from hundreds of different colors or create your own.


Import an editable stylesheet and personalize it however you like. Plus all edited templates are at your finger tips!


Themes support a right-to-left version, which makes NewGray a perfect choice for rtl scripts.

Smart Control Panel

NewGray Media comes with a smart automated control panel that helps you with installation and other everyday tasks, making installation and customization a breeze.

Install and Uninstall

Our Smart Control Panel helps you Install or Uninstall NewGray Media without you having to ever lift a finger.

Check for Updates

When a new version of NewGray Media is available on Github, our Smart Control Panel will notify you and help you install the latest release.

Change Language

You can change the language of NewGray Media at any time. Just select the language, click "Change Language", and the Control Panel does the rest!

Themes and Settings Manager

Changing the forum width, themes, etc.. is a breeze with our Smart Control Panel. Just select your preferred settings, save, and you're done!

Multiple Languages

NewGray supports multiple languages, allowing you to browse in your native tongue.

7.1 Languages and Counting

NewGray can be translated into multiple languages, and language support is ever-growing thanks to people like you!


If your language is not available, you can make it available! All you need is an internet connection and a Github or forum account.

Open Source

NewGray Media is open source, that means anyone can contribute and improve this ever-evolving theme.

Built by and for the Community

This project is built and shaped by people like yourself. We're always looking for suggestions and help to improve Forumactif Edge.

Contribute and Improve

There are plenty of ways you can help improve and contribute to the Forumactif Edge project!